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Door Art Florence

Art at the door of the baptistery at the dome of Florence in Italy, Europe.
Detail on the door of the babtistery lying opposite of the dome of Florence. This door is covered with golden reliefs.
Pisa Tower Italy

The top of the leaning tower of pisa in the background of the dome.
Pisa with the famous leaning tower is a must-see in the Tuscany. Altough crowded with tourist, it is worth a visit. You can be sure that any possible view of this tower is already banned on film o ...
Sughera Italy

The setting sun sends golden light onto farm buildings in Sughera, Italy.
The little town of Sughera is a town like many others in the Tuscany. The only oustanding fact of Sughera is that we were living there for two weeks. BUT: Like most of the other towns there it is ...
Leaning Tower Of Pisa Italy

The world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Europe.
This section of the base of the crooked tower shows actually how crooked the tower really is. After undergoing extensive restoration and stabilization during the last few years the tower was secured ...
Tuscany Italy

During the summer poppies bloom throughout the region of Tuscany in Italy, Europe.
Poppies are everywhere in the region of Tuscany in Italy during the summer. We stumbled across this particular field while driving to Firenze.
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