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Cape Scott Trail Vancouver Island Canada

A tree reaches across the Cape Scott Trail enroute to San Josef Bay on the West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
While walking from the parking lot to the picturesque San Josef Bay beach this kind of rain forest scenery is visible everywhere.

Also known as Sea stars, Starfish are actually invertebrates not fish.
The Raft Cove Provincial Marine Park is a great place to find Starfish, anemones, and a variety of small tidal pool life forms. Situated on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Raft Cove has many r ...
Half Moon

As the night falls a half moon appears in the sky over Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
While having a barbecue on the shores of Nimkish Lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the moon came up over the forest as the fog rolled in.
Boat Bay BC

A calm morning in Boat Bay, BC as the fog slowly clears to reveal an anchored sailboat.
After camping out on a boat in Boat bay off Johnstone strait we woke up to this quiet and calm scenery in this then foggy bay.
Nimpkish Lake Vancouver Island

Nimpkish Lake is one of the best kept secrets on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
A barbecue on the banks of a canadian wilderness lake is a real unique experience for the average city slicker. To hear the crackling fire and the quiet sound of the waves while smelling the fresh ...
Johnstone Strait BC

Gentle pastels light the sky during sunset in Boat Bay in Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
During a tour on the Blue Fjord, a converted justice ship and now serving as a recreational vessel, we needed to get our feet on dry land to get the skippers dog on a place he could use. During that ...
Sunset Knight Inlet

Evening sky over Knight Inlet during sunset in British Columbia, Canada.
After a day of boating in the remote Knight Inlet off Vancouver Island we rested in Glendale cove and had good time when shortly after sunset this gorgeous evening light came up.

A beautiful young Cougar keeps a sharp lookout on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
The powerful, and nimble Cougar is one of the top preditors in Canada. Their behaviour is similar to that of a domestic cat when in predatory mode. They will often use the element of surprise to catch ...
Vancouver Island Lake

Nimpkish Lake is a great camping vacation destination on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Back from a two day trip on a boat out on Johnstone Strait and Knight Inlet we relaxed one evening having a barbecue on the shores of Nimpkish lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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