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Rooster Bird Picture Funen Village Odense Denmark

A proud rooster wanders freely at the Outdoor Museum - The Funen Village in Odense, Denmark. The Rooster is a member of the chicken bird family.
A Rooster, bird, chicken, at the Outdoor Museum Village of Funen, Odense, Denmark, Europe.
Copenhagen Dusk Nyhavn Canal Entertainment District Denmark

Established in the 17th century, the district of Nyhavn in the beautiful city of Copenhagen features a canal, brightly coloured buildings, and is a popular entertainment district from dusk to dawn.
Definitely one of the busiest places to go out at night in Copenhagen is the Nyhavn district with countless bars and restaurants along the Nyhavn waterway with its row of anchored boats and colour ...
Sand Formations White Sands National Monument New Mexico USA

A basin of beautiful white sand with ripples and formations caused by the winds and rain of nature as it sweeps over White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, USA.
The vast white dunes of White sands National Monument in New Mexico present themselves best in the light of sunset or sunrise. We were lucky to have a break in the clouds after an afternoon of thunder ...
Vorupoer Fishing Boats North Sea Denmark

Fishing boats in the Vorupor harbour - a sandy beach along the danish coast of the North Sea.
Traditional fishing boats hauled out onto the sandy beach harbour in the town of Vorupoer which is located along the shores of the North Sea in Denmark, Europe.
Old Town Dresden Architecture

Night shot of the old town of Dresden the capital city of the State of Saxony in Germany, Europe.
Dresdens old town was nearly completely destroyed during the 2nd world war. However, in the last 30 years most of the old residences and churches were rebuilt and restored.
Vibrant North Sea Sunset Hanstholm Denmark Europe

A gloriously vibrant sunset along the coast of the North Sea near the small town of Hanstholm - a popular tourist destination in Denmark, Europe.
Heralding the end of a beautiful day near the small town of Hanstholm in Denmark, a vibrant sunset over the North Sea lights the evening sky - painting it in shades of pinks and blues. Plate te ...
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