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Moraine Lake Banff National Park Canada

Moraine Lake in the famous Banff National Park, Valley of Ten Peaks near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.
Standing on a rocky platform above Moraine Lake gives an impressive overview of this stunning lake, backdropped by the jagged ten peaks which crown the valley and reflect in the turquoise water. ...
Lethbridge Alberta Picture

Constructed in 1909, the High Level Bridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, remains the highest and longest bridge of it's type in the world.
It's the third largest city in Alberta and the hub of southern Alberta, but the city of Lethbridge had a humble beginning. First established in the late 1800's Lethbridge, which once bore the n ...
Cave And Basin National Historic Site Banff National Park Canada

A stream of sun light shines through the hole in the ceiling of the cave and strikes the beautiful blue water of the hot spring at the Cave and Basin National Historic Site in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.
The place where it all started ... the discovery of the Cave and Basin was instrumental in establishing the Canadian National Parks system in Canada. Banff National Park was the first National ...
Mistaya River Banff National Park Alberta Canada

Under the watchful eye of the Rockies, Mistaya River rushes deeper into the heart of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.
A fast flowing river which escapes from its source - Peyto Lake and wends its way to the Mistaya Canyon and beyond. The Mistaya River has managed to carve out the canyon with its force - high wall ...
Mistaya River

Backdropped by the Rocky Mountains, the Mistaya River flows towards the canyon.
A wonderful place to get lost in a world of discovery is Banff National Park at places such as the Mistaya Canyon and River. The area is surrounded by mountainous scenery, and interesting rock formations ...
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