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Northern Lights Manitoba

Yellow and red dancing lights in the Northern regions of Manitoba, Canada.
On a clear starry night in the arctic regions of Manitoba, the moving symphony of light, the Northern Lights can be seen. Manitoba is a winter wonderland with Polar Bears, arctic tundra, and Northern ...
Lake Audy Sunset Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba Canada

Like a sheet of glass leading on from the end of the wharf, the water of Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park reflects the hues in the sky during sunset.
A beautiful scene at the end of a glorious day! Lake Audy is situated in Riding Mountain National Park, an oasis in the prairie lands of Manitoba. A popular fishing spot for northern pike and w ...
Polar Bears Manitoba

An interesting view of three polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
The rear ends of three cute polar bears sniffing out some morsels of food along a tin fence in Churchill, Manitoba. A great place in Canada to see Polar Bears in the wild is the Polar Bear capital ...
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