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Hectors Dolphins Akaroa Harbour Canterbury NZ

A glimpse at the smallest member of the delphinidae family, the Hector's Dolphins are also very rare and endemic to NZ, they are seen in Akaroa Harbour in Canterbury.
The easiest way to identify the Hector's Dolphins in NZ waters is by the shape of their dorsal fin. It is rounded or crescent shaped as opposed to the more pointed shapes of all other species foun ...
Pacific White Sided Dolphins

A group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins speed through the water off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
This huge group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins were really stirring up the water as they travelled through Blackfish Sound. They seemed to be on a mission to get somewhere. Pacific White Sided Dolphins ...
White Sided Dolphin

An extremely active Pacific White Sided Dolphin performs an acrobatic trick in the waters of British Columbia, Canada.
A frisky dolphin leaps into the air after riding in the wake of a boat as though to say "do that some more!!".Also nicknamed Lags because of their lengthy and cumbersome scientific name "Lagenorhy ...
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