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Award Winning Polar Bear Picture Hudson Bay Canada

A polar bear makes its way towards the camera during a photo shoot on the shores of Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada. A 2008 award winning picture by Thomas Schaeffer.
The internet is one of the most common and far reaching ways for photographers to publish their work. By posting pictures in one of the many "communities" which provide a platform for photographer ...
Picture Of An Arctic Fox

Almost blending into the snow, an Arctic Fox makes its way across the tundra near the town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
This arctic fox was running around the tundra for a while when we finally managed to get close enough for some decent photos. The shots were taken during a polar bear trip to Churchill, Manitoba
Northern Lights Igloo Brooks Range Alaska

An igloo with a warm hue radiating from within and the northern lights dancing above on a clear night in the Brooks Range of Alaska, USA.
While staying in the Brooks Range of Alaska near the tiny community of Wiseman, approximately 250km north of the Arctic Circle, we decided to build an igloo. It was constructed over a period of tw ...
Polar Bears Manitoba

An interesting view of three polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
The rear ends of three cute polar bears sniffing out some morsels of food along a tin fence in Churchill, Manitoba. A great place in Canada to see Polar Bears in the wild is the Polar Bear capital ...
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