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Mexican Art San Diego Market California USA

During a walk through the old town of San Diego in California, you are bound to find the market place where beautifully crafted Mexican Art is on display and for sale.
The mexican market in the old town area of San Diego offers lots of colorful shops and restaurants.
Prague Sculpture

A sculpture of a man and a skull sculpture at the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic.
A metal Sculpture at the end of the golden lane in the Hradc - the castle of Prague. The other side of this artefact is more attractive - especially for female visitors...
Door Art Florence

Art at the door of the baptistery at the dome of Florence in Italy, Europe.
Detail on the door of the babtistery lying opposite of the dome of Florence. This door is covered with golden reliefs.
Metal Art Prague

Metal Street Art in the streets of Prague in the Czech Republic.
While strolling through the streets of Prague you can see something exceptional everywhere. These metal sculptures are beeing used as boundary sign for parking slots.
Hanging Horse Prague

The sculpture of a hanging horse in the lucerna passage
The Lucerna Passage near the Wenceslas Square is a nice little mall with scenic cafes - and this sculpture. Hanging by its feet the dead horse is ridden by a knight - the meaning of this is not really known ...
Spirit Catcher Barrie Ontario

The Spirit Catcher dominates the waterfront in the city of Barrie in Ontario, Canada.
The hugh 21 metre high sculpture, named the Spirit Catcher, is situated on the bank at the head of Kempenfelt Bay an arm of Simcoe Lake in the City of Barrie, Ontario. The Spirit Catcher was originally ...
Glass Floats Oregon

A pile of colourful glass floats on the beach in Lincoln City along the coast of Oregon, USA.
Usually glass floats which have fallen off Pacific fishing vessels are washed up on the beach in Oregon. However these glass floats are pieces of art which are a part of the "Finders Keepers" even ...
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