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Copenhagen Dusk Nyhavn Canal Entertainment District Denmark

Established in the 17th century, the district of Nyhavn in the beautiful city of Copenhagen features a canal, brightly coloured buildings, and is a popular entertainment district from dusk to dawn.
Definitely one of the busiest places to go out at night in Copenhagen is the Nyhavn district with countless bars and restaurants along the Nyhavn waterway with its row of anchored boats and colour ...
Langeland Island Beach Sunset Denmark Europe

The soft light of sunset brushes the sandy beach of Langeland Island. Langeland Island is situated in Denmark, Europe and is surrounded by the Baltic Sea.
A Danish island in the Baltic Sea at the marine intersection of the Great Belt and the Bay of Kiel, Langeland Island covers an area of 284 square kilometres (110 square miles). Although it is a ...
Water Castle Gluecksburg Germany

The water castle in Gluecksburg on the northeastern coast of Germany.
On the northeastern coast of Germany this idyllic water castle in Gluecksburg is well worth a visit. The castle houses a museum and a restaurant.
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