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Flying Bald Eagle Frankfurt Germany

A show at the Ronneburg castle near Frankfurt in Germany features a display of a flying bald eagle and other species of eagles.
The zoo at the Ronneburg castle near frankfurt provides an impressive flight show with bald and golden eagles.
Bald Eagle In Flight Homer Alaska

The graceful flight of a Bald Eagle along the Homer Spit, Alaska, USA.
During a very cold spring day we were photographing the Bald Eagles along the Homer Spit in Alaska, USA. This eagle flew right past me while I was down on the beach. This is an interesting shot ...
Bald Eagle Homer Alaska

One of the best places to see Bald Eagles is in Homer, Alaska, USA.
While strolling along the beach in Homer, Alaska, this Bald eagle caught my attention sitting on a nearby rooftop.
Barn Owl Picture

The beautiful plumage of the Barn Owl at a show in Germany, Europe.
Owl during a flight show in a zoo in Germany. The Barn Owl, Tyto alba, is the most common and widespread owl in Europe and the UK.
Bald Eagle

A sharp eyed Bald Eagle rests during a snowfall in Alaska, USA.
The scientific name for a bald eagle is Haliaeetus leucocephalus. A bald eagle is classified as a Sea or Fish Eagle and it generally preys on fish although it will also prey on small mammals if it ...
Bald Eagles

A funny scene of a group of Bald Eagles lined up on a log in Alaska, USA.
Approximately half the world's population of Bald Eagles is located in Alaska, USA. Together with the population from British Columbia, Canada the northwest coast of North America represents the largest ...
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