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National Museum Prague

The elaborate building which houses the National Museum in downtown Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.
A Statue of a Knight on Horseback guards the Czech National Museum in downtown Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. The National Museum is situated in the New Town district of Prague and stands at the ...
Prague Czech Republic

The grassy and treed slopes of the grounds of the Monastery Strahov in the city of Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.
The Prague Castle, St Vitus's Cathedral, and the Army Museum tower over the district of Mala Strana and St Nicholas Church in Malostranske Namesti.The picturesque area of Mala Strana is directly a ...
Spirit Catcher Barrie Ontario

The Spirit Catcher dominates the waterfront in the city of Barrie in Ontario, Canada.
The hugh 21 metre high sculpture, named the Spirit Catcher, is situated on the bank at the head of Kempenfelt Bay an arm of Simcoe Lake in the City of Barrie, Ontario. The Spirit Catcher was originally ...
Angels Castle Rome

The late afternoon light on shines on the St Angel Castle in Rome, Italy, Europe.
Late afternoon light on the angels bridge leading to angels castle, Rome Italy. The castle was an old fortress during the medieval times and was renamed angels castle after the archangel Michael was ...
Edinburgh City Scotland

An overview of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland at night.
From Calton Hill above Princess street you have the best view over the whole city of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. Especially in the evening hours, at nightfall in Edinburgh when all the lights ...
Manhattan New York

The glistening lights of Manhattan at night seen from Brooklyn in New York, USA.
One of the classic shots of New York. While not every place in New York is safe to go at night with some hundred dollars worth of equipment, this place just beneath the Brooklyn Bridge is a family ...
Cannes France

The vibrant city of Cannes is a popular tourist destination in the Cote d'Azur, France.
The Old Cannes Castle, Castre Tower and Museum, and the Clock Tower are brightly lit and stand out in downtown Cannes.The city of Cannes is situated on The French Riviera in an area of Provence, F ...
Edinburgh Scotland

A view over the city of Edinburgh in the evening from Calton Hill, Scotland, Europe.
From Calton Hill above Princess street one have the best overview over the whole city of Edinburgh, the scottish capital. Especially in the evening hours, when night is coming to Edinburgh and all ...
Vienna Austria Gardens

The house of palms in the gardens at the Schoenbrunn Castle in downtown Vienna, Austria, Europe.
Near Vienna resides the famous castle of Schoenbrunn. While the castle itself is very much worth a visit, the huge garden is even more. Hidden on the far right end of this garden one can find these ...
Vienna Prater Austria

The huge ferris wheel spins in the Prater amusement park in Vienna, Austria, Europe.
One of the most famous attractions in Vienna is the amusement park "Prater". You can reach it with the train from the city and a short walk will bring you in. The big wheel only is worth visiting and ...
Monument Scotland

Calton Hill monument in the city of Edinburgh provides a great overview of Edinburgh in Scotland, Europe.
The Dugald Stewart's Monument on Calton Hill above Princess Street is one of the best views over the whole city of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital.
Valencia Spain

As the night falls in Valencia, Spain the stunning lighting at The La Ciutat de les Arts i les Cienies Complex is activated.
The city of Valencia has a tasteful mix of old and new architecture. The La Ciutat de les Arts i les Cienies Complex is one example of some the most modern architectural creations in Spain. Each b ...
Lights Festival Frankfurt

The annual Festival of Lights in Frankfurt, Germany is also known as Luminale, a lighting and cultural event.
Every year the city of Frankfurt am Main in Germany conducts a festival of lights. Multiple light installations throughout the city illuminates the city in some very unusual way.
Frankfurt Fireworks

The evening sky explodes with a bright flash as the fireworks erupt over Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Europe.
Once a year in August the river and city of Frankfurt in Germany are lit by a magnificient fireworks display when the city celebrates it's annual main festival.
Forum Shops Las Vegas

Elaborate pretty much sums up the Forum Shops along the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Almost a city on its own, The Forum Shops are just one of the main attractions which are part of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Complete with many varieties of boutiques and shops as well as ...
Mirrored Building

A large store in downtown Vienna, Austria creates a mirrored image of a building which stands opposite.
The inner part of the city of Vienna is worth seeing - for shopping or taking pictures. This is a great store in front of the Stephansdom, where one can see the dome mirrored in the windows of this ...
Quebec City

The city of Levis is situated on the southern shore of the St Lawrence River directly opposite Quebec City, Canada.
A partly frozen St Lawrence River separates the two cities of Quebec and Levis. The crisp cool of the evening made for a clear view across the mighty river towards the historic Fairmont Le Fronten ...
Ancient Rome

The ancient structure of the Temple of Saturn in the Forum Romanum or Roman Forum in Rome, Italy, Europe.
Temple of Saturn situated in the Forum Romanum (Roman Forum) is lit up with lighting during the blue hour with a full moon in the background.
Fireworks Frankfurt

A stunning fireworks display erupts over the city of Frankfurt am Main in Germany, Europe.
The Skyline of Frankfurt, Germany, is among the most impressive of Europe's cities. Seen during blue hour and with the fireworks of a local celebration it's a very special view.
Vatican Rome

The Angel Bridge and the Vatican in Rome, Italy, Europe.
When night is coming to Rome, all the lights come on and illuminate the city like at christmas. This scenery was seen from the angel bridge towards the Vatican during blue hour. Ponte Vittorio Emanuele ...
Forum Romanum Rome

A view of the historic Forum Romanum in Rome in Italy, Europe.
Even in the bright daylight the Forum Romanum radiates a certain majestic and ancient dignity. Seen from the Capitol hill toward the Colloseum.
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