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Sunset Clouds Reflection Austrian Alps Pinzgau Austria

A vivid sunset lights the evening sky and clouds and its reflection highlights the peaks of the Austrian Alps in the Pinzgau region of Austria.
During a spectacular sunset in the austrian alps the clouds began glowing bright orange when illuminated by the setting sun. A tiny cross atop one of the massive peaks of the Austrian alps, sta ...
White Sands National Monument Sunset New Mexico USA

A stunning scene after a thunder storm clears briefly during sunset above the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, USA with dark clouds still hanging in the sky.
The vast white dunes of White sands NM in New Mexico present themselves best in the light of sunset or sunrise. We were lucky to have a break in the clouds after an afternoon of thunder storms, providing ...
Lake Powell Sunset Arizona USA

A vivid sunset highlights the low water of lake Powell near Wahweap marina in Arizona, USA.
Sunset over the dwindling waters of the Lake Powell near Page, Arizona. Here, near the Wahweap marina the falling water mark is clearly visible. The lake has problems for more than 20 years to keep ...
South Bay Sunset Kaikoura Coast New Zealand

Even on a cloudy evening the sunset illuminates the sky and landscape of South Bay situated along the Kaikoura Coast on the South Island of New Zealand.
Overlooked by the Kaikoura Mountain Range, South Bay sparks to life under a partly cloudy sky during sunset. A famous destination in New Zealand, the Kaikoura Coast is one of the best places in ...
Danish Fishing Vessels

A small fleet of Danish fishing vessels line the sandy beach along the coast of the North Sea in Denmark.
On some remote locations on Denmarks west coast the fishermen are still pulling their small fishing boats out onto the sandy beach instead of using a harbor.
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco seems to dissolve in the mist over the Bay.
When dense fog comes over the bay area in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge seems as to go nowhere, as to dissolve in the mist. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA, North Ame ...
Dunnottar Castle Scotland

The sunset light at Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Europe.
The spectacular scenery of Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire even gets more dramatic during sunset or sunrise. Only then the castle, sitting on its rock high above the windy north sea, ...
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