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Egeskov Castle Funen Island Denmark Europe

The historic Egeskov Castle on the Island of Funen in Denmark was built with defense in mind, since it was built during a time of civil unrest in the 16th Century.
Egeskov slot (aka Egeskov Castle) on the Island of Funen located in the Baltic Sea represents one of the best preserved Renaissance castles in Europe. Situated on large park like grounds, the c ...
Historic St Angel Castle And Bridge Rome Italy

The historic St Angel Bridge leads across the Tiber River to the St Angel Castle in the city of Rome, Italy - these structures date date back to around the years 120-140 AD.
Late afternoon light on the St Angel bridge leading to angels castle, Rome Italy. The castle was an old fortress during the medieval times and was renamed St Angel Castle after the archangel Micha ...
Meersburg Old Castle Germany Europe

The charming medieval town of Meersburg is a popular destination on the shores of Lake Constance in the Baden-Wuerttemburg region of Germany. The town is home to two castles - the old and new.
One of the prettiest cities on the shores of Lake Constance is Meersburg, an ancient city on the hillside aloing the lake. The old town is well known to tourists all over the world as a place for good ...
Cawdor Castle Flower Garden Scotland

A charming english country flower garden surrounds the graceful Cawdor Castle in Scotland, UK.
Cawdor castle is the second castle in Scotland claiming the place to be where Shakespeares Duncan killed Macbeth. In reality Macbeth was killed in the battle of Elgin, some 30 miles away. Today the ...
Scottish Castle Ruins Loch Ness

Little remains of the Urquhart Castle, a Scottish castle which now lies in ruins on the banks of the famous Loch Ness.
The ancient ruin of Urquhart Castle at the banks of the famous -monster infested- Loch Ness is a special sight at nightfall, when the ruin lies illuminated in front of the quiet lake. The ruin was ...
Dreieich Castle Dusk Germany Europe

The evening lights illuminate the Castle ruins of Dreieich as dusk falls over Germany, Europe.
The castle ruin of Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany, provides nice views, especially during the blue hour, when the night lights illuminate the area.
Picture Of Armadale Castle Gardens

A mixture of shrubs, flowers and brickwork, the Armadale Castle gardens in the Isle of Skye in Scotland are a treat to wander through.
The old clan headquarter of the MacDonald, Armadale castle in southern Isle of Skye, provides besides the ruin of the castle a perfectly maintained garden with various sceneries.
Balmoral Castle Aberdeenshire Scotland

The elaborate Balmoral Castle is situated on a large estate in Aberdeenshire in the highlands of Scotland, Europe.
On Balmoral castle the royal family and especially the Queen spends usually the summer months. The castle lies beautifully in the middle of the scottish highlands.
Dunnottar Castle Grounds

Inside the Dunnottar Castle grounds and among its ruins, the wildflowers bloom and the grass grows high.
While Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire is more dramatic from the outside, also the inside of the large ruin has some nice views to offer. Especially during the spring and summer season wild flowers ...
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