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Bald Eagle Homer Alaska

One of the best places to see Bald Eagles is in Homer, Alaska, USA.
While strolling along the beach in Homer, Alaska, this Bald eagle caught my attention sitting on a nearby rooftop.
Picture Of A Moose Stag

A lone moose stag stands in the tidal flats of Homer, Alaska, USA.
This lonely moose was seen in the tidal flats of Homer, Alaska. Moose are the most impressive vegetarians of the Alaskan wilderness, with weights of up to 1500 pounds.
Kachemak Bay Alaska

The Homer Spit is encompassed by Kachemak Bay and surrounded by the Kenai Mountains of Alaska.
View from the highway coming into Homer at the southwestern tip of Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The long tongue of land going out into Kachemak bay is the famous Homer spit, a center of tourism, fishing ...
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