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Picture Of Lindau Harbor Germany

The beautiful boat Emily in the picturesque Lindau Harbor on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) in Germany, Europe.
The picturesque city of Lindau on the southern end of Lake Constance offers a very nice harbor area with the famous lighthouse and lion guarding the entrance to the small boat harbor.
Kinnaird Head Lighthouse Scotland

The Fraserburgh Castle in the Northeast of Scotland was converted to what is now known as the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse in 1787.
On the Scottish north coast near Fraserburgh this colorful scenery awaits the visitor. This lighthouse is one of the most famous lightshouses in Scotland housing the Scottish lighthouse museum.
Westerhever Lighthouse Picture

The Westerhever lighthouse is situated on the Eiderstedt Peninsula on the German West Coast.
One of the most beautiful lighthouses on the german coast is undoubtedly the Westerhever one. Situated prominently on the tip of the peninsula of Eiderstedt on the german northwest coast, it often ...
Canadian Sunset

A vivid sunset over the Canadian East Coast and Newfoundland.
The Canadian flag flies from the roof of an outhouse during a bright sunset over the Altantic Ocean, Newfoundland.Quirpon Island is considered Iceberg central in Newfoundland, and the Quirpon Ligh ...
Fraserburgh Lighthouse Scotland

A lighthouse and Museum along the Fraserburgh coast in Scotland.
On the scottish north coast near Fraserburgh this colorful scenery awaits the visitor. This lighthouse is one of the most famous lighthouses in Scotland housing the Scottish lighthouse museum.
Isle Of Skye Lighthouse

Lighthouse Off the Isle Of Skye in Scotland, Europe.
Lighthouses like this one on an island between the Isle of Skye and the scottish mainland are very common throughout the rugged scottish west coast.
Castlepoint Lighthouse

Facing the mighty Pacific Ocean the Castlepoint Lighthouse stands on a bed of rock along the Wairarapa coast in New Zealand.
Now in a state of retirement, the Castlepoint Lighthouse was once the first sign of landfall for ships bound for the port of Wellington who'd travelled from America and Panama. The Castlepoint Lighthouse ...
Lobster Cove Lighthouse

The Lobster Cove Lighthouse shines its light in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada.
Situated in Rocky Harbour in the world famous Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse is a popular place to visit in the park. What was once the lightkeepers ...
Battery Point Lighthouse

The Battery Point Lighthouse near Crescent City in California, USA.
Some lonely lighthouses along the northern California coastline are catering for some very quiet shots during the evening hours. This one was taken standing knee deep in the Pacific ocean on the beach ...
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