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San Francisco Skyline California USA

An impressive skyline seen from the Bay - the skyscrapers of the financial district of San Francisco in California, USA.
The impressive skyline seen from Sausalito across the Bay during a sunny sunday afternoon with lot of boats on the water.
Alcatraz San Francisco Bay California USA

The famous Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, California, has served as a US fort and federal penitentiary as well has hosted an Indian occupation. It is now a popular tourist attraction.
Alcatraz was called The island of pelicans or "isla de los alcatraces" by the spanish early settlers. Today the notorious former federal prison in the bay of San Francisco is one of the top tourist ...
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco seems to dissolve in the mist over the Bay.
When dense fog comes over the bay area in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge seems as to go nowhere, as to dissolve in the mist. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA, North Ame ...
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