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Scottish Highlands Waterfall Landscape Picture

Rugged cliffs surround a waterfall and river etching out a valley in the scenic Scottish Highlands.
Through the wet highlands in Scotlands west a number of rivers are flowing, building imposing waterfalls on the edges of the steep hills.
Scenic Picture

A scenic picture of lush green grass, the ruins of an ancient garrison with looming thunderous clouds above.
This ruin of an ancient garrison in the Highlands near Inverness in Scotland reminds to the last revolution of the scotts against the british in 1745.
Italian Holidays Tuscany

The Italian provence of Tuscany is a scenic destination to spend the holidays.
The little town Sughera is a town like many others in the Tuscany. The only oustanding fact of Sughera is that we were living there for two weeks. BUT: Like most of the other towns there it is a very ...
Snow Pictures

Sunrise on a winter morning in the snow covered Pinzgau Region of Austria, Europe.
When the sun is raising over the eastern alps in Austria and lights up the tops of the surrounding mountains, the scenery lies quiet and calm before the eyes of the visitor. Soon later the slopes will ...
Loch Linnhe Scotland

Side arm of Loch Linnhe near Glencoe in Scotland, Europe.
This pretty scenery unfolds beside the highway if you are driving a scenic detour from Fort William to Glencoe.
Gorges Verdon France

The road hugs the sheer cliffs of the Gorges du Verdon in Provence, France.
The mighty Verdon River has cut an impressive gorge through the Grand Canyon du Verdon, Gorges du Verdon in the Parc Naturel Regional du Verdon in the Alpes du Haute region of the Provence, France, Europe ...
Scotland Scenery

The Quiraing Mountains are situated on the Isle of Skye amongst beautiful scenery in Scotland, Europe.
On the Isle Of Skye one of the most interesting landscapes is the Quiraing mountain range on the northwestern tip of the island. The lush green hills and the rocks provide a magnificent landscape.
Mountain Scenery

The beautiful scenery atop a mountain at sunrise in Austria, Europe.
To experience a sunrise on top of my favourite ski mountain at 7 in the morning in February I had to come up with some new ideas. After checking the possibilities of getting up on the mountain as early ...
Winter Sunrise

The sun peaks over a mountain at sunrise in the winter landscape of Pinzgau, Austria, Europe.
The snow rich winter of 05/06 created throughout Europe not only winter chaos but also formations of unseen beauty like these chains of snow-topped fence posts in rural Austria. To catch these in the ...
Dunnottar Castle

An sight worth visiting along the south east coast of Scotland, Europe is the Dunnottar Castle.
Dunnottar Castle on Scotland's south east coast is well-known for its dramatic setting on a rock above the sea. But also on the inside it has many very interesting sights for the visitor.
Austria Winter

The sun peeks over the tops of the hills behind this winter scene near Pinzgau, Austria, Europe.
Picture perfect winter settings can often be found right along the road in rural Austria. This setting was found not far from our hotel on a quiet way just 200 metres from the main road.
Isle Of Skye

A beautiful rainbow contrasts with the dark thunder clouds in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, Europe.
While the frequent rain on the Isle of Skye can be annoying, it also provides lots of occasions to catch beautiful sights of the rainbows which are produced by the rare sunshine spots.
Grand Teton National Park

Snake River in the foreground while the tops of the Teton Range are caught in the sunrise light in Wyoming, USA.
Although you need to get up early while staying the night in Jackson Hole it's absolutely worth the drive out to Snake River overlook about an hour out of Jackson to witness the first light on the ...
Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle situated on the shores of Loch Duich in Scotland, Europe.
Eilean Donan Castle on the shores of Loch Duich in north western Scotland was not only the setup for the famous movie "Highlander" featuring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, it is also one of ...
Loch Gairloch

Situated in Western Highlands is Loch Gairloch on the west coast of Scotland, Europe.
Along the Scottish west coast the lush green vegetation and the blue sea are contrastng to some very interesting sceneries like here near Gairloch.
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