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City Of Rome Aerial Picture Italy Europe

St Peter's Basilica offers one of the best aerial views of the historic city of Rome and the Vatican - a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy, Europe.
View from the top of St.Peters cathedral, the monumental centre of the Vatican, Rome, Italy. During the late afternoon hours the city is bathed in a wonderful soft light and on a clear day the vie ...
Kaikoura Coast Aerial Picture New Zealand

The brilliant blue waters of the Pacific and the rugged coast of the Kaikoura Peninsula are dramatic contrast from an aerial perspective.
A different view of the scenic Kaikoura Coast is possible by taking a flightseeing tour with Wings over Whales. Although, the tours are mostly based on Whale watching and is a great way to get ...
Photo Of A Sperm Whale

A Sperm Whale will quite often rest on the surface of the water just like this one off the coast of Kaikoura in the South Island of New Zealand.
Aerial view of a Sperm Whale resting on the surface of the water during a Whale Watching flight with Wings over Whales, Kaikoura, Canterbury, East Coast, South Island, New Zealand.
St Bartholomae Germany

An aerial view of St Bartholomae near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany, Europe.
This air shot like photography was taken from a view point high above the famous Koenigssee - Kings lake - near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany. The church is famous throughout Europe and a mjor attraction ...
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