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Cathedral And Leaning Tower Of Pisa Tuscany Italy

Two famous landmarks are situated side by side in the town of Pisa, namely the Cathedral and famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy.
Conveniently the famous crooked tower and the monumental cathedral of Pisa are closely together. The perfectly straight contructed cathedral shows the actual crookedness of the tower and makes it ...
Cathedral Of Florence Tuscany Italy

A cross graces the entrance of the Cathedral of Florence, better known as the Duomo or Santa Maria del Fiore in the capital city of Florence, Tuscany, Italy.
Holy cross in front of the great cathedral in the heart of the most magnificent city of Tuscany, Firenze, or Florence, or Florenz.
St Peters Square Vatican Rome

A stupendous view over St Peters Square and Vatican City in Rome, Italy.
View from the top of St Peters cathedral, the monumental centre of the Vatican, Rome, Italy. During the late afternoon hours the city is bathed in a wonderful soft light and on a clear day the view ...
Mainfest Frankfurt Germany

Cathedral during the Mainfest in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe.
During the annual main fest, a big festival in Frankfurt, Germany, one of the main attractions is the fireworks, which concludes the festival.
St Vitus Cathedral Prague

Towering above the roof tops of the Prague Castle are the spires of St Vitus's Cathedral.
Situated in the Prague Castle grounds the St Vitus Cathedral dominates the castle grounds. The church is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. The present day cathedral was founded in November 1344 ...
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