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Lake Audy Sunset Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba Canada

Like a sheet of glass leading on from the end of the wharf, the water of Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park reflects the hues in the sky during sunset.
A beautiful scene at the end of a glorious day! Lake Audy is situated in Riding Mountain National Park, an oasis in the prairie lands of Manitoba. A popular fishing spot for northern pike and w ...
Sunset George Lake Killarney Provincial Park Ontario

A dramatic sunset scene over George Lake in Killarney Provincial Park, a popular tourist destination on the fringe of the Canadian Shield in Ontario, Canada.
A dramatic sunset sends light streaking across the surface of George Lake at day's end. A lake surrounded by the ancient smoothed rocks typical of the Canadian Shield, George Lake in Killarney ...
North Sea Sunset Vorupoers Jutland Denmark Europe

The sun sinks to the North Sea horizon during sunset over the beach in Vorupoer on the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark, Europe.
On the beach of Vorupoer at the danish west coast the boats and ships of the local fishermen are pulled up the sandy beach for the night. There are only very few places like this one left where th ...
California Sunset Picture USA

The jagged rocky coastline of the California coast is silhouetted during sunset over Southwest USA.
After a long days on highway #1 one can perfectly relax during a pacific sunset on the beaches of San Simeon.
Isle Of Skye Sunset Scotland UK

A glowing ball of fire - the sun reaches the horizon and casts dramatic sunset colours across the sky above the Isle of Skye in Scotland, UK.
The perfect day on the Isle of Skye can be ended perfectly by watching the sunset at the quiet and remote location of Trumpan on the peninsula of Waternish. Here, beneath the ruins of an ancient church ...
Canadian Sunset

A vivid sunset over the Canadian East Coast and Newfoundland.
The Canadian flag flies from the roof of an outhouse during a bright sunset over the Altantic Ocean, Newfoundland.Quirpon Island is considered Iceberg central in Newfoundland, and the Quirpon Ligh ...
Rannoch Mhor Sunrise

A bright Scottish sunrise over Rannoch Mhor in Scotland, Europe.
One of the best experience a visitor to scotland can make is to get up early (in the summer around 4 am) and enjoy the sunrise in a remote location such as the Rannoch Moor. Although the Moor is crossed ...
Danish Coast Denmark

The rocky Danish coast at sunset over the North Sea in Denmark, Europe.
This rocky part of the usually sandy beach on denmarks west coast gives a perfect foreground to enjoy the sunset at the sea.
Danish Sunset

The rocky Danish coast of the North Sea in Denmark, Europe.
This rocky part of the usually sandy beach on denmarks west coast gives a perfect foreground to enjoy the sunset at the sea.
Great Sandhills Saskatchewan

The Great Sandhills in the Chinook region of Saskatchewan are constantly moving and changing.
The ever-changing scenery of the Great Sandhills in the prairie lands of Saskatchewan. The Sandhills which are subjected to the strong northwest winds, are said to be moving at a rate of 4 metres eastwards ...
Winter Sunrise

The sun peaks over a mountain at sunrise in the winter landscape of Pinzgau, Austria, Europe.
The snow rich winter of 05/06 created throughout Europe not only winter chaos but also formations of unseen beauty like these chains of snow-topped fence posts in rural Austria. To catch these in the ...
Austria Winter

The sun peeks over the tops of the hills behind this winter scene near Pinzgau, Austria, Europe.
Picture perfect winter settings can often be found right along the road in rural Austria. This setting was found not far from our hotel on a quiet way just 200 metres from the main road.
Monument Valley Sunrise

A stunning Monument Valley Sunrise in Utah, USA.
To watch a sunrise in the magnificent surroundings of Monument Valley is worth to get up early. Since the park opens only at 6 am the best time to get this kind of picture is during April / may and ...
Denmark Sunset

Fishing Boats on the shore of the North Sea in Denmark, Europe.
Even on Denmark's rural west coast, scenes like these are hard to find anymore. There are only a few "harbours" left which operate like this one, pulling the boats and ships right up on the beach. ...
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